Assam milk tea win the iTQi The Superior Taste Award

T.Grand Assam milk tea won the iTQi “The Superior Taste Award“ this month. iTQi’s tasting procedures are monitored by the Belgian Ministry of Economic Affaires. It was awarded the "Michelin Guide of Food”. This award is a great honor for T.Grand, and a recognition of Taiwanese tea beverages.

The iTQi judges are selected from the 15 most prestigious European culinary and sommeliers associations. All products products are tested on a strictly blind basis and from the sensory analysis on an evaluation sheet provided. Through independent and fair judging systems, thousands of food and drinks around the world were tested every year.

T.Grand Assam Milk Tea is a classic beverage in Taiwan. Richly aromatic Assam milk tea is made from pure Assam tea from India and 100% high quality milk powder from New Zealand. In recent years, T.Grand has continuously invested resources in new product research and development. We hope to introduce more quality products in the future.

iTQi Website: https://www.itqi.com/ct/

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